Map Access, FDR Meetup & New Locations

We’re back again to announce some exciting things happening with the PoGo VA Alerts Network.

First and foremost, I want to extend our most sincere gratitude and appreciation for the donations you all have given us. Every penny counts, as well as every referral. As a token of our appreciation to those that have already donated, we have granted access to said donors to the maps that we see, behind-the-scenes. We have had some great success with those that have been using the maps so far, which helps us with moving forward to our next point.

FDR Meetup


We have been in contact with the organizers of the FDR meetup on Thursday, December 22 between 6pm and 9pm. For those of you that are close to that area, or will be close to that area, let’s close out 2016 and the year that Pokemon Go was released with a bang!  FDR/MLK will be lit up constantly with the hopes of finding as many rares as possible.

With that said, we will be exposing a special map exclusive to the event at FDR. Our maps, and alerts, currently do not show lured pokemon; however, we will have a new map for this event to show all lured pokemon. Take this opportunity to sign up for a trial of our maps and catch ’em all!  You definitely don’t want to miss out!

You can view the conversation in the original Facebook post here.

Pre-Christmas Special

Starting Thursday morning, December 22nd and ending Friday night, December 23rd, we will have a pre-Christmas special where everyone will have access to our maps for 2 full days.  As a reminder, our available scanning hours are from 8am to 1am daily.

What does this mean?

For those of you that follow our feeds and bolt to get the rare pokemon, you’ve often wondered what else is around. Like other scanners and trackers, it will show you all pokemon around.  UNlike other scanners and trackers, the scan has already happened behind-the-scenes so you don’t have to worry about captchas or wait for a scan to complete.  AND, most importantly, because the scans happen on our servers, there is no risk of anything tracing back to you.

What do I have to do?

You can go to and visit our maps landing page.  There you will see our four regions that we cover in Virginia right now.  At the bottom of the page you will see a “Login/Register” button.  Click that and register for an account on the site – don’t worry, we won’t sell your info.  All that is required is a username, password, email address, first name, last name (real or fake), team and country (U.S. obviously).  After you register, you will have to validate your email address. Once validated, you will have the option to select a membership. For the pre-Christmas special, select Pre-Christmas Trial – 2 Day Access membership and you have immediate access to our maps – no credit card needed. This membership will ONLY be available between Thursday morning, December 22nd and ending Friday night, December 23rd.

What happens after the 2 days are up?

After your trial access has ended, you will have the option of continuing your access by selecting one of our other available levels:

$5 for 5 days
$12 for 2 weeks
$20 for 1 month

Donations are still greatly appreciated and accepted  at any amount and will apply toward one of those membership levels.

New Locations

We have added two new locations to our list of covered areas – Arlington in Northern Virginia and City Point in Hopewell (included in the Richmond region). We hope this brings new faces to the community.

Chesterfield, Gloucester Point and Mechanicsville – We haven’t forgotten about you and things are looking hopeful to get you back online very soon.

I know this was a long one but again, thanks for all of your support. We thank you, and hunters like you thank you.


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