Pokemon Starter Alerts & Happy New Year’s Eve!

With the event for starters beginning last night, our feeds were blowing up with alerts left and right.  We did an emergency fix last night to adjust those alerts to require a minimum IV percentage.

Bulbasaur – 99% and above
Ivysaur – 90% and above
Venusaur – All

Charmander – 99% and above
Charmeleon – 90% and above
Charizard – All

Squirtle – 99% and above
Wartotle – 90% and above
Blastoise – All

Pikachu – 99% and above
Raichu – All

Hope this cuts down on the alerts for everyone.

We still intend on posting each individual area’s/feed’s alert requirements so you’re aware of what’s alerted.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

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