Revived and New Feeds (Colorado Expansion)

You spoke, we listened.

We have brought Gloucester Point (Hampton Roads for now), Chesterfield (Richmond, VA) and Mechanicsville (Richmond, VA) back online!  For those of you that have previously followed our feeds for these locations, you should now be getting alerts for them.  I know these are long overdue but it’s become imperative that we get these back online since we have them as available feeds on our site.

Additionally, we have expanded our coverage into the west – Boulder, Colorado.  Boulder, Colorado?!  Yes, that’s right.  Word has spread of how we’ve helped a lot of hunters out there make this game fun again. This time the word has spread to the other side of the country.

We have received a good number of requests to include coverage for Boulder, Colorado and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to spread the excitement.  We hope to gain more supporters moving forward.

Because these 4 feeds are starting fresh, spawnpoints are currently being identified, as well as their times.  Alerts coming in will more than likely have very short timers so please be patient as the timers will slowly become more accurate as the day progresses.

Quick update on site and name change – Because we are expanding coverage into other states, we will now be called PoGo Alerts Network (PGAN) to be all-inclusive within the United States.  We will send another update out when we move our sites to the new domain and change all of our banners to be state-specific instead of Virginia alone.

Thank you all for the support and donations we have received thus far. We hope that 2017 is a prosperous year for all of you.  As always, if you enjoy our feeds and alerts, leave a donation and we can give you behind-the-scenes access to some of our maps as a token of our appreciation.


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