New Locations & Full Rescan Tonight

We’ve got some exciting news for everyone:

  • New Locations – We have added 4 new locations to our arsenal of feeds.
    • Baltimore, MD
    • Reston, VA (included with the NoVA region)
    • The start of Denver, CO regions
      • Denver NW
      • Denver NE
  • Expansion of Greenbrier scans in Hampton Roads

With all that has been going on, we are also trying to stabilize the maps and scans as much as we can.  With that said, tonight we will be doing a full rescan of ALL locations.

Beginning at 11:00PM EST, we will begin to clear our databases to detect all spawnpoints.  We were beginning to see some dead zones in our scans.  As always with rescans, there are 3 steps in this process:

  1. Identify spawnpoint locations (2 – 3 hours)
  2. Verify spawnpoint durations (6 – 12 hours)
  3. Spawnpoint scanning (12+ hours)

While steps 1 and 2 occur, the despawn timers/countdown on alerts may not be accurate and pokemon with less than a minute will appear.  This is normal during this process.  We will continue this rescan over night so we hope to have timers back to normal tomorrow for you all.


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