All servers operational

It’s been quite the battle lately trying to keep things running since the release of the latest api.

In between dealing with increased security measures in the form of captchas and the massive ban waves of our scan accounts, we have been performing maintenance on both our servers and databases.  There have been time synchronization issues across our servers that were causing the extremely long despawn times.  The pokemon that had the invalid times have been cleared from our databases.

With the great migration #12 happening earlier tonight, we are going to begin clearing our database of all spawnpoints and re-initialize our scans.

As always, with full rescans, the first few hours will attempt to identify spawnpoints. Next, the spawnpoints need to be identified to determine the timers. This process will take 12 or more hours.  In the meantime, timers that are sent with alerts may be invalid and you will most likely see despawn timers of less than a minute. This is normal until all spawnpoints have been verified.

Hang in there everyone, we’re getting back to normal.

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