Updates & 6 New Locations

Since the latest update forced by Niantic, we were faced with some obstacles to keep our scans stable.

Working with the official devs of the software, we were able to update to the latest patches to help fix and a lot of the issues we were facing.  One of the issues we also faced was the fact that our data was being “scraped”, retrieved without proper consent.  We are taking our own security measures to ensure we this is prevented, as well as adding additional load to our servers.

So far things are looking to be more stable.  We will continue monitor as much as we can.

Moving forward…

We have release 6 additional location since my last update:

  • Reston, VA (Northern Virginia)
  • Newport News, VA (Hampton Roads)
  • Yorktown Beach, VA (Hampton Roads)
  • Suffolk, VA (Hampton Roads)
  • Franklin, VA (Hampton Roads)
  • Gaithersburg, MD (Montgomery County, MD)

Be sure to check the links in the footer for their respective feeds.

We have more locations coming soon so check back often.




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  1. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear that your data was being stolen! I have a suggestion for those who have purchased access to view the maps: Is it possible to add a filter for IVs in? For example, to only show Pokemon who are 90% or higher? Thanks again for all your hard work on this

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  2. Hey guys thanks for the update and hope you guys keep up to good work. I’m liking the Reston Alerts, but i’m hoping for a Fairfax/fair lakes or Chantilly/Centreville. Its not a biggie, but would be sooo much appreciated for weekdays being of heavy traffic since i work until after 4pm. I’m sure others would appreciate just as much too for those out west from the Fairfax County Area


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