Interactive Coverage Map

Ever wondered what our feeds truly cover?  Wonder no more!

You can now view our interactive coverage map that shows each individual feeds’ coverage area.

Go to now to see for yourself!



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  1. Hi thanks for the hard work! I live in Baltimore and I am alerted with your Twitter feeds every day. However, IMO Baltimore coverage should be shifted north to include at least Charles Village. My opinion may be biased but generally speaking there is more land area in the north and we all know there is no spawn amidst sea (although a lot along the sea). Plus compared to scattered suburban neighborhoods in the south, populated area such as Charles Village renders a bigger fanbase and a safer place to play.

    Another suggestion is to reduce unnecessary alert such as Jynx and Scyther, both of which is hardly rare or useful in gyms. Dratini spawns are common in harbor as well. It is kinda annoying to miss a Snorlax alert among spams of low IV Dratini.


  2. Chelsea Crocetti February 1, 2017 — 8:07 pm

    Thanks for all you do! The area of essex MD which is just east of the city has been known to have a lot of rare spawns. Everything from snorlax to nidoking to lapras a few times! Would love if we could get some coverage there!


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