Expansion of Pokemon Alerts for Gen 2

Some of you may have noticed that additional alerts going out for some pokemon we haven’t alerted on before.  For the time being, we have the bandwidth available to encounter more pokemon and determine the IVs.  We’ve decided to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts and open up alerts for pokemon with Gen 2 evolves in addition to the Eevee IV requirements earlier.  Like the Eevee alerts, this won’t last forever unless we have enough room for this.  Below are the alert requirements we’ve set for this “event”:

  • Zubat: 99%+
  • Golbat: 97%+
  • Oddish: 99%+
  • Gloom: 97%+
  • Poliwag: 99%+
  • Poliwirl: 97%+
  • Slowpoke: 99%+
  • Horsea: 99%+
  • Seadra: 97%+
  • Eevee: 99%+
  • Magikarp: 99%+


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