Adjusted Alerts and Site Updates

Adjusted Alerts

It was a mad scramble to adjust the alerts for 42 locations today but we managed to get it done.  All areas should have the alerts adjusted so that they are not flooded with pink pokemon for the Valentine’s Day event.  If there are some feeds still getting flooded, feel free to let us know in our discord chat server.

Site Updates

You can now see what each area’s requirements are for our alerts.  We’ve had a number of people request this.  This has been published as a webpage from our spreadsheet configuration.  It’s not exactly the prettiest but at least it’s out there now.  🙂

I also want to take this time to recognize our entire team that has helped keep the gears turning here at PGAN.  Today after the event dropped, we scrambled as a team to update as many alerts as possible.  Kudos to you all and thanks for everything team!

You can see the list of our team members at:



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