Maps & Scans Back Up, New Locations

Wow, like I said, when it rains, it pours… then the sun comes out.

I was finally able to get the maps back up as well as set up our proxies with a new provider we are working with.  The scans appear to be back to normal; however, we’ve had a large number of accounts banned due to the old proxy provider terminated our account with no proper notice.  As promised however, the scans will remain online until 1am Monday morning.

On top of this, we have released 4 new locations:

  • Expansion of Rockville, MD (Montgomery County)
  • Expansion of Christiansburg, VA (New River Valley)
  • Radford, VA (New River Valley)
  • Hampton, VA (Hampton Roads)

We hope these new locations bring you more rare pokemon.  Please check the coverage map to see where they are.

Off to sleep, I will most likely not be available tomorrow. 🙂

HokiePokeDad Out!


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  1. Great work, HokiePoke!


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