Full-time scans; New location requests

Full-time scans

From what I’m hearing, everyone enjoyed our full-time scans during the Valentine’s weekend event. We have a lot of night owls out there that like to creep around in the middle of the night.  😉

We will continue to run our scans full-time for everyone.  With Gen 2, coming out in the next day or so, I can see a lot of people going out all hours of the night.

As a heads up though, when a new API is forced by Niantic, our captcha rates almost astronomically increases.  It could take anywhere from a couple of hours, to a few days, to even a month before that version is fully reversed.  During that timeframe is when captchas are served.  For these times, we will adjust our hours based on the captcha rate.  When this happens, I will send an update to everyone.

New location requests

After this weekend’s batch of new location requests go live, we will be putting a hold on adding new locations.  We are going to need to focus on server maintenance, administrative tasks and to give me a friggin’ break.  🙂

I will send an update when we can resume adding new locations.

Thanks everyone!


Add yours →

  1. Thank you for staying running 24 hours. I will go back to donating again. 🙂 I had pulled donations after feeds stopped running after 1 a.m. because I am a night owl.


  2. I love you guys


  3. Thanks for the hard work! Y’all are the real MVP!


  4. Would love to see a scan area around Deep Run park and Godwin High School


  5. Out of curiosity how high of a priority is Silver Spring and its surrounding areas to being added?


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