Scans & Maps have been upgraded

Our back-end processes that handle scans and serve the maps have been upgraded to the newest version.  Thank you to the RocketMap and BossLand teams for working so quickly to get these updated.

For those of you that have made donations for map access, maps are available again.  All pokemon now display IVs also.

Be sure to clear your browser’s cache before going to the map so you get the new images!!!

I am now in the process of upgrading our alerts system to the newest version.  This is going to take a little bit as things have changed completely.  Please be patient while the alerts are being worked on.

Lastly, because of the release of gen 2, there have been nest changes.  Spawnpoints may not have changed; however, we are going to play it safe.  We are going to clear out our databases and begin full scans again to re-identify spawnpoints.

As always, timers will be inaccurate and pokemon with under 1 minute left will appear. This doesn’t mean they will disappear in 1 minute however. They could be there longer.


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