Scan Updates and Denver Locations

One of the contributing reasons to a lot of empty patches in our scans is the fact we are maxing out our server resources that host our scan instances.  I have created 2 additional virtual machines to spread the load a bit and may have to create 2 more to host the new locations.  I’m still applying patches on these 2 new VM’s so I will continue this process into tomorrow night.  In the meantime, I have enabled IV encounters so alerts will work again and all prior scans will continue to function.  Expect to continue having empty patches in our scans until I fully move these to the new servers.

To prepare for the new locations in Denver, CO, I have split up the Colorado map instances.  The Denver NE (North Glenn) and Denver NW (Golden) scans have been moved to a new map url that will host all Denver locations.

Those that are watching the North Glenn and Golden areas, please update your bookmarks.

The new Denver map url for donors is

Thanks everyone!

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