Creating new accounts & power loss

After restarting all of our scan instances earlier, it seems we went through a ban wave overnight that had cost us nearly 1000 accounts.  We were able to spin up the instances again and continue scanning with the accounts that were remaining.  Over the next few days, we will be creating new accounts to replace those that we have lost.  Please bare with us as this may cause more patchy areas due to the lack of accounts being able to keep up with the size of the scans.

Additionally, one of our remote locations where the Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, Baltimore, Front Range and Denver locations are hosted is suffering a power loss due to severe thunderstorms in the vicinity.  We hope to have this restore later this evening.  The second remote location will be hit with the same thunderstorm surge in a few hours.  Hopefully this server location doesn’t lose power.

Bare with us folks.

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