Rescans started, workers accounts and Willoughby in Hampton Roads, VA

Hello everyone,

I didn’t plan things out very well last night.  Even though I mentioned I would begin the full rescans last night at midnight (EST), I wanted to go through each and every area/instance we have and replace as many of the accounts we had lost this past week.  I was able to replace close to 1500 accounts all last night and early this morning.  At the same time, my family is having some guests over this weekend so I had to help my wife clean the house :).

As mentioned previously, I was able to replace around 1500 accounts.  There are still a few areas that need accounts replaced but luckily they have enough reserve accounts to function while we generate more.

I have just completed clearing all our databases to begin full rescans.  I am hoping spawnpoints will be discovered properly for all areas this time.

  1. Spawnpoints will be identified within the first 2 hours of the scan.
  2. Spawnpoints will be verified to determine the type of spawnpoint duration they are.
  3. Alerts for pokemon with under 1 minute left are expected to appear over the next 24 hours.
  4. The timers are expected to be inaccurate during this process.

Willoughby Spit/Oceanview in Hampton Roads, VA

FYI: This next section only pertains to our map donors.

I have some good news and bad news depending on where you are in Hampton Roads, VA.  There has been some discussion around which map the Willoughby Spit/Oceanview area should belong to.  In our original split to relieve stress on our Hampton Roads database, this area was determined to be part of the northern map.  We have had a number of people requesting that we move Willoughby Spit/Oceanview to the south map.  We have decided to proceed with this request.

Obviously some of you will be happy with this and there will be some that will not be happy with this decision.

I hope to come up with a solution to satisfy both ends of the spectrum so that all are happy. 🙂


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  1. You can’t make everyone happy! I am happy to have it wherever you put it! Thank you!


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