Google Maps link and Tweets issues

A lot of you have been having problems recently trying to follow the links to Google Maps that are tweeted out.  Earlier today I pushed out a small fix to the link that has seemed to help a small group of people that were having these problems prior to around 9am EST today.

After that small fix went out, I received a number of messages from a different people noticing the change immediately and that they were having issues now.

Here’s what we do know:

  • On primarily iOS devices, Twitter’s short link mechanism is somehow not translating properly over to Google Maps.  This behavior was first observed earlier last week.
  • On some Android devices, those who clicked on the maps link on tweets would be directed to Google Maps with empty screens.  This behavior also was first observed earlier last week.

The primary thing to note is that our tweets, posts, messages, and alerts only display a link to Google Maps.  Twitter is one that shortens the URL so that it does not go over the 140 character limitation they have.  What we do not do; however, is provide any code to open Google Maps.  This is handled by your devices.

I know that’s not what a lot of you want to hear but unfortunately there is nothing we can do on our end.

My only suggestion is that if you are using Twitter are your main alert mechanism, download the latest update for the Twitter client and download the latest update to Google Maps.  If this doesn’t work out for you try using either Facebook or our new Telegram channels that we have created for all feeds.  (Separate announcement to be posted later)

I have also reverted my small fix earlier to attempt to solve the issues of the small group prior to 9am EST.


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