Maps aren’t down

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone but our maps are not down.  Due to the increase in load, our server is having trouble keeping up with the traffic. I suggest you only have 1 setting showing from the “Marker Settings” section at a time.  Also, zoom in as much as you can take.  This will reduce the amount of pokemon, or objects, it will have to return to you.

Weekend time is family time, so I will not be around much to troubleshoot.  I’ll look into this further on Monday.  Thanks!



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  1. Doesn’t really seem to have anything to do with how many markers are selected. I used to have Gyms, Ranges, Stops, and every Pokemon scanned and it would show me all of SoFla no probpem. This didn’t start until you added the next 2 generations in. With no real easy way of removing them. Why add them in now when there hasn’t even been news of gen 3 in the near future? Seriously, add a feature that lets us select multiple Pokemon at a time to add to the no scan list. All my friends have stopped using your site because of this. And I doubt this will help with donations


    • I think you missed the part where I said “increase in traffic”. You’re right, it has nothing to do with how many marker objects are selected to be shown, but the overall load on our servers. Reducing the amount of markers to be shown helps the individual user return results faster in the meantime.

      Also, you picked quite an old blog post to rant on, in addition to not getting any facts or history straight. Only generation 1 and 2 are shown on the maps and alerts. There is flexibility for expansion that includes gen 3 and beyond but that has absolutely no impact on performance. It’s nothing more than additional items in a dictionary object.

      We certainly don’t expect everyone to be satisfied with how things go, even though they completely miss the point of things being free and people supporting this on the side. So by all means, do you.


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