Still having scan issues…

Network – good (I think)
Servers – good
Hash Keys – purchased

So what’s the deal?  The “wonderful” service that the BossLand/PokeFarmer team provides has wrongly flagged our IP addresses and banning them.  I have contacted the 2 main developers on the team and while I understand they had bigger issues to resolve earlier today, I’m pissed they still haven’t gotten back to me after 16 hours.  Needless to say that whenever I restart our scans, they work for a short period of time but the IP ban catches up to all of our workers and eventually slows the scans to a complete halt.

I’m calling it a night and will resume the fight tomorrow.  Sorry folks.  I’m doing all I can.

FYI, this issue also affects users in Florida since their scans use our keys also under PGAN.

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  1. Thank you. Thanks for everything that you do. I can see how hard you work to keep these scans up. Your communication is amazing! I wish Niantic would communicate half as good as you do.

    Keep up the great work! I am not sure how often someone tells you but your work isn’t going unappreciated.

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