Loveland CO Restructure, New Location Requests and Coverage Tool

Hey PGAN Fam!  We’ve got some exciting news for you!  Now that our backlog of requests and internal tasks have shrunk down to a manageable state, we are able to begin moving forward again.

Loveland, CO Restructure

Screenshot 2017-04-13 01.26.17

One of our very own team members @rawrninja#6068, also one of our network engineers, just had his second baby tonight.  Congratulations @rawrninja#6068!  We’re happy to hear everyone is doing well!

In celebration, we have restructured and expanded Loveland, CO per his request.  Loveland, CO is now separated into 4 hexes and are group by Northeast and Southwest feeds.

Front Range Loveland – Northeast twitter fb telegram
Front Range Loveland – Southwest twitter fb telegram

New Location Requests

At long last, we are ready to begin accepting new location requests again.

I know it’s been a while but here is our process of requesting new locations as laid out in our discord server:

We receive many requests to add additional areas for us to cover on a daily basis. We currently use the #scan_suggestions channel to see what areas provide the most interest from people. Each scanned area will incur additional costs per hour and we need to prioritize where it would make the most sense to scan based on popularity and where donations from that area can help sustain those scans. To help increase the chances of expanding to new locations, we suggest doing the following:

  1. Post in the #scan_suggestions channel to let us know what area.
  2. Rally up some people to back your suggestion in the #scan_suggestions channel.
  3. Gain a few sponsors to help fund the initial location for at least 1 month. These sponsors will help secure the area scans while we gain exposure via social media and bring in potential donors. By default, we start our scans at a step size of 31. We request a donation of $91 to sustain scan costs for the first month. If you’d like a different step size, mutiply that by 2.935483870967742 for an idea of the requested donation. ie. For a step size of 34 you would do, 34 * 2.935483870967742 = $99.81.
  4. 4. Use our coverage tool ( to layout the area you are requesting. Once you are satisfied with the location and step size, take a screen shot of the area, download the coordinates and paste both in the #scan_suggestions channel.

This will help with expediting your suggestion quicker. Thanks!

To not overwhelm ourselves, we are planning on only fulfilling a maximum of 6 location requests, or 12 hexes, weekly.  All new location requests will be evaluated in the #scan_suggestions channel.  If accepted, your request will be placed on our coverage tool.

If you aren’t already a member, please join our discord chat server where you can see all of our latest discussions regarding the site, services, or just want to chat with other trainers in the community.

This now leads into our next topic –

Coverage Tool

Screenshot 2017-04-13 01.25.23

We have combined the old coverage map AND location prep tool into the newly enhanced coverage tool.

You will now be able to full enter addresses to easily navigate to the location you are interested in. By default, the controls to help request a new area will be on, but you can simply click on the “Show Coverage Only” button to hide the controls to reduce clutter to see what areas are currently covered.  Also, if you hover or click on each hex, an info window will appear showing the details of that particular scan location – including the area representative in discord and feed links.

***We recommend using a desktop browser for proper tool operation.***

Search by general location or input precision latitude,longitude to add a new hive marker. Drag and resize to adjust the scan location. Click on a location to activate it to edit the step size, toggle the hives to be scanned, or remove it.

Color legend for hexes:

Blue Hex – Existing Location
Pink Hex – Location queued for next batch
Purple Hex – Location Requested
Orange Hex – Rental Hexes

Click here to see the tool in action for yourself!

Enjoy everyone!

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