Travelling? Need a short-term map? Why not Rent-A-Hex?

Yes, that was cheesy but it’s exactly what it is. You can have a location of your choice for short-term live maps. The rate is $0.333333 for 1 step per day or $1.666667 for 1 step per week.

For a step size of 30 for 3 days, it would be 30 * $0.333333 * 3 = $30 (rounded up). The process remains the same as a new location request. Just specify that this would be a rental hex for X number of days/weeks along with your request. Once accepted, you will have a map dedicated to your hex(es). At the moment, alerts are NOT included.

Screenshot 2017-04-13 02.55.01

The above user has request a temporary hex scan where he will be travelling to.  He now has a dedicated map to that hex for the day(s) he has chosen.  You can also share you map with others that may be interested in that area while it is active. For this particular hex, you can see the map at:

Just some more options to bring to the table for you guys.  🙂

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