Pokemon Stats Detection Have Changed

In the latest move by Niantic, IVs and Movesets have now been changed based on your trainer level.  This means that these stats that were originally picked up by our scanners will no longer be accurate. This is a huge blow dealt to all scanners out there.

Scans will continue to scan however we are turning off the ability to view IVs and Movesets on the map.  Also, I’m sorry to say that we will be turning off the alerts system until we figure out how we can still benefit all of you through alerts.



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  1. I would love to keep the tweets going as it is what makes me go grab stuff! I would be okay with the IV’s being listed accurately only for those lvl 30+


    • It might still be difficult because they’d need a hell of a lot of accounts at level 25-30+ to get those IVs; or at least a few per area to just check the IVs of rares? I assume most of their accounts now are level 1.


      • You actually need level 30 accounts now in order to pull encounters for IV moveset or CP. It would be a awful process to level the amount of accounts they have to level 30 or buying them would be awfully expensive, even if they did level A LOT (1000+?) or buy that many level 30 accounts are the first ones targeted in ban waves & they would have to start all over when a wave hits (usually every month..).


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