IV, Moveset and CP Scanning returns

Last week was full of surprises for everyone.  First, Niantic end the Easter event with a change that caught everyone off-guard and decide to make IV’s and Movesets based on trainer level for everyone under level 25.  Those that were level 25 and above would have the same IV’s and Movesets, much like CP for level 30 and above players.

When this came out, we were already determined to begin acquiring both level 25 and level 30 accounts.  Once we had enough accounts to work with, Niantic drops the 2nd surprise – IV’s and Movesets are now random until you get to level 30.  Great!!  Well, what the hell are we going to do with these level 25 accounts we acquired.  We’ve now incorporated leveling our accounts up as part of our normal procedure so we won’t have to worry about account levels, at least up to level 30.

With that said, we have enough level 30 accounts and a very large bank of additional accounts, to continue bringing you IV, Moveset and, now, CP scanning.

Right now, all locations with the exception of Florida, have the capability of showing all three stats on the map, ONLY.  We are still working on getting Florida upgraded as well as the alerts.

To see the list of Pokemon we encounter please go to How It Works > Alerts Configuration and browse to the Encounters tab – yes I know it’s ugly right now but it this format is the quickest I could come up with in the short time I have.

Alerts Configuration

We have plenty of more good news coming within the next week.  Big things are coming!!!


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  1. Great Job!


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