Hardware Upgrades & Full Rescans

Hardware Upgrades

We are seeing unusual activity coming into our servers that we’re looking into now. Connectivity to some of our maps may be intermittent throughout the day while we troubleshoot.

We are literally in the process of setting up our newest and 4th host server with our new private colocation provider. The host is bigger, badder, faster and go-go-goes! 48 vCPUs, 512 GB RAM and a ton of SSD’s. The colocation provider gives us a monthly allowance of 20 TB upload bandwidth per month as well as 1 Gbps transfer speed. We have a great team of network engineers heading up this new effort to bring the best and most STABLE experience yet. We hope to migrate all our databases and web servers to the new location this weekend.

Full Rescans

We will performing a full rescan of all areas tonight, beginning at 11pm ET.  We are seeing some inconsistencies with the spawnpoints and would like to do a full scan.

  1. Spawnpoints will be identified within the first 2 hours of the scan.
  2. Spawnpoints will be verified to determine the type of spawnpoint duration they are.
  3. Alerts for pokemon with under 1 minute left are expected to appear over the next 24 hours.
  4. The timers are expected to be inaccurate during this process.

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