PGAN Update

Grass Event Contest

Reminder for all:  The grass event contest ends tomorrow at 2pm ET.  If you think you’ve found one of the heaviest Bulbasaurs out there, submit your entry as soon as you can!  Winners will be contacted soon after the contest ends for entry verification.

New Location Requests Backlogged

We apologize for the delays on fulfilling new location requests the past two weeks.  Last week we were focused on bringing you all IV and CP stats back on our scans.  This week, we have been performance focused on our servers and getting ready for our new data center move.  Please bare with us while we multi-task PoGo life and real-life.  It’s been a very busy week personally also.

New Datacenter

As mentioned previously, our equipment is now in place in the new datacenter in a private colocation.  The new equipment and colocation provider will allow us to store more pokemon reliably and reduce downtime in our maps and sites.  We will now be able to provide a stable environment that can handle more users than we already have.  We are in our final stages of prep work before we begin scanning to the new databases.  When this happens, we will be performing full rescans of all areas.  An announcement will be made as to when this will happen.

Thanks for the support you all have given us.  We promise to provide you the best experience possible.


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