Maps & Scans will be intermittent due to maintenance

Throughout the day we will be applying the latest security patches to all our servers to defend against the WANNACRY… ransomware variants.  This process may take some time and will take both the maps and scans down in while these are being applied.

At the same time, we are applying the latest commits from the RocketMap to our codebase that includes some fixes that may help our spotty scan issues.

Lastly, with the nest changes occurring tonight, we will be performing full rescans of ALL locations again.  There have been reports of further spawnpoint changes that we want to make sure we account for.  This rescan will begin around 11pm ET.

  1. Spawnpoints will be identified within the first 2 hours of the scan.
  2. Spawnpoints will be verified to determine the type of spawnpoint duration they are.
  3. Alerts for pokemon with under 1 minute left are expected to appear over the next 24 hours.
  4. The timers are expected to be inaccurate during this process.

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