New Domain & Datacenter; Sneaky Niantic

New Domain & Datacenter

We’ve been saying this for a month but the time is now – our new datacenter is live with our databases and maps.  Along with the new datacenter is our new domain  Our main sites haven’t migrated yet but the maps have.  As with anything new, there may be a few hiccups so please bare with us as we fine tune things.  Our end goal is to provide you with a faster, more stable environment.

When you go to your favorite maps you will see that you are redirected to the new Url.  Here is a list of the new Urls:

Sneaky Niantic

I mentioned earlier that we were paying close attention to the development community of certain rumblings.  Nothing official has been announced yet but there are many reports that rare spawns no longer appear for accounts that have been “flagged”.  In many cases, old accounts are considered “flagged” so only common spawns appear.

This is yet another blow to the mapping community, but once again, nothing has been announced officially so we are trying to come up with a workaround.  As or right now, the only workaround is to supply ALL new accounts for our scans.  This is a major undertaking so we will try to consider other options when we see them.

In the meantime, you will notice that only common Pokemon will be alerted and appear on the maps.  Also, it’s likely that the timers will be off as well since only commons are found and spawnpoint timers can’t be fully determined.

We will begin adding new accounts in on Monday so we can at least report back the goods for you all.

Thanks everyone!




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  1. Christine Zamora May 21, 2017 — 9:47 am

    I guess this is why my map is not populating. I’m actually not even seeing pokestops or gyms. Bummed about it too. Keep up the good fight.


  2. What will it take, roughly, to get things back on track? More funding??


  3. Ugh. Why doesn’t Niantic get that mapping helps keep legit players in the game? There are no stops within easy walking distance of my home or office, so if not for the various maps and apps I’ve used since the beginning (this being the best!), I’d have stopped playing long ago.


  4. Thanks for your hardwork. You are the only thing keeping me playing.


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