New Accounts Update

Since the latest fork in the road placed by Niantic of “blinding” flagged accounts, our primary focus has shifted, once again, to get back to scanning in full force.  We have acquire over 24,000 new accounts to replace ALL of our existing ones, regardless if they have been flagged or not.  We will re-inventory all old accounts to see if they can be salvaged at some point.

The process of replacing all accounts in all scan areas is a slow and painful one.  3 out of 22 servers have accounts replaced.  The following areas are now scanning normally again:

  • MD – Montgomery County
  • CO – Denver
  • VA – Richmond
  • TX – Dallas

Please understand that we do this on our free time and we are not paid for this.  We hope to have all areas back to scanning within the next few days.

P.S. In addition to replacing all accounts, we have increased the capacity of level 30 accounts to bring you more IV, CP and Moveset stats from 14% to 30% level 30 accounts to workers.  Unfortunately, given the current rock type event, it’s a bit difficult to see this considering the increase of the pokemon we have configured to scan.



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  1. Can Niantic fuck off already. Their game design is a joke+disaster without scans and they’re too hopelessly stupid to see that. You could play 100’s of hrs and never even see a larvitar, let alone a pupitar/tyrannitar, or anything even more rare.
    Instead of realizing this, they continually spend time and effort on killing scanners instead of fixing the game and/or giving players a real way to find pokemon (current in game tracker is such a joke they should be ashamed).
    Seriously will they ever stop being complete fucking morons.


    • It’s a free game, not like you’re invested in it at all


    • Agreed, their tracking (even with the improvements) has always been garbage. There is no way to find the things you need and if you live in certain areas they will never appear. I work on the campus of a major university in Florida and my best catch has been Magmar.

      And as far as it being a free game, I’ve bought items so Niantic has my money. They also could have charged $.99 for the game and still done $50 million in business. If Niantic was smart they would hire some of the people who have done sites like pogoalerts and sell a tracker for $1.99.


  2. Bless, you guys rock! Many thanks for the hard work!


  3. Thank you guys! You guys rock and keep this game alive.


  4. Sara Allison-Hicks May 22, 2017 — 10:16 pm

    Thank you so much for all that you do! I’ve personally donated $$ money because I know that you guys work tirelessly for us and when it’s up and working at capacity, it’s amazing!


  5. Thanks again! I have a full pokedex thanks to you all. I’ve made a donation in the past but will send another donation once I can.


  6. Jocelyn Herod May 23, 2017 — 9:06 am

    Thank you, Michael et al!! Keep fighting the good fight!👊



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