New Accounts Update #6 – FINAL

All servers have been updated with all fresh accounts for regular scanning and level 30 accounts have been increased to 30% capacity for ALL areas.


It has been a VERY long, tiring and expensive past few days.  We should now be scanning at full capacity again.

We have placed delays for certain actions in our configs that other scanners have recommended.  Hopefully this will keep our accounts safe while the entire development community tries to determine the cause and solution to “shadow bans”.

Our final count of accounts replaced:

Lower level accounts: 41,342
Level 30 accounts: 6,284

Over the next few days, we will be monitoring closely to the counts to see if any more bans arise.

If you would like contribute to help replenish our reserves that we used to purchase all of these accounts, you can donate at

Thanks for the patience everyone!


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