IV/CP Scanning on hold; Shadow bans are back

IV/CP Scanning on hold

The results from the poll created yesterday, on whether we should continue scanning with the rest of our good level 30 accounts or not, are pretty clear.  We are going to hold off on scanning for level 30 stats and try to save them for future use.  It’s a difficult decision to make but we are still thinking long-term.

Shadow bans are back

We haven’t checked all scan instances and are noticing a lot of our numbers are dropping for “good scans”.  This is a good indicator of shadow bans being served.  The 2 regions with the most shadow bans right now are MD – Montgomery County and CO – Denver.

The frequency of these shadows bans being served further solidifies the decision on using our level 30 accounts to scan for stats.  It takes longer to level up accounts to level 30 and the results of them being “safe” after botting are variable.  The cost of a level 30 account is at least 10x more than a level account.

We will continue the cat and mouse game of the low level accounts but trying to create as many as we can and replace them when we can until more details emerge about shadow bans.

We’re fighting for you guys.


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  1. Do you know how long the shadow ban will last?


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