New Temporary Operating Hours due to Shadow Bans

As you all may have noticed, our accounts were victim to the shadow bans once again. As mentioned before, trying to create these accounts manually with the number of workers we use is very difficult to keep up with so we have to purchase all of them.

Things are still up-in-the-air as far as what criteria determines an account is shadow banned and if it’s lifted after a certain period of time.  In the PoGo dev community, not many people are able to scan beyond 100 to 120 hours.  With that said, we are going to have to make some sacrifices just to keep our scans alive.

Beginning Tuesday, May 30, 2017, we will be going back to our roots and scan during the hours of 8am to 1am daily.  This hours will be local time (MDT, CDT, EDT).  We are also acquiring 4x the amount of accounts this time to see if we can rotate out the accounts quicker.

Again, this is a temporary solution until more information is released on shadow bans and any solutions that come about.  As always, we are here for you and will continue operating.



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  1. So that means you will be scanning most of the day, no? Or did you mean from 1am until 8am? Also, I am so far only seeing common types. Just making sure I’m not doing something incorrectly.


  2. So, do you guys need Pokemon accounts? I have a few that I used for various trackers before I found yours! I’d gladly give you access to them! Also, if you do need a bunch of fake accounts, ask US, the people who’re benefiting from all your hard work to help you obtain a bunch! 🙂

    BTW, I’m not sure about everyone else but, I DEFINITELY appreciate everything that you guys do! 🙂


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