Status of Scans

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Memorial Day weekend was spent with family.  Most weekend are usually downtime for us at PGAN.

It’s been quite a hectic week.

As predicted, the majority of all our scanning accounts were shadow banned late last week. We still know little of what the primary factors are in shadow bans being served.  There have been multiple reports that shadow bans are lifted after a period of time, but those accounts are more than likely “flagged” and, therefore, are highly susceptible to permanent bans in the future.

We were able to acquire around 180,000 more accounts for this next round of account swaps.  As mentioned in the previous blog post, our new temporary scanning hours will be 8am to 1am daily – about 17 hours of scan time.  We are trying to minimize the amount of time our scanning accounts have to work.  We now have 4 sets/teams of workers that scan 4.25 hours during the day.  Let’s hope we can avoid any triggers with the shadow bans.

In addition to acquiring these new accounts, the process of swapping account files was very cumbersome and long.  We’ve developed a new system to help automate this process in preparation for future swaps.  This will cut down the amount of time to get these scans running significantly.

The files are being generated right now and we expect to have the scans back to full working order (minus IV/CP/Moveset scanning) tomorrow morning at 8am (local time) for you all.

As always, you can help with the effort of replacing accounts by donating at

Thanks everyone!



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  1. I am unsure why you give niantic so much information about your operations. They read your updates. You should stop.

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  2. Grateful for twitter feeds. Almost have my Pokedex full. I work full time and only play evenings/ weekends. No rare Pokémon show up for me with regular play. I walk in a park evenings. NEVER see any unusual Pokémon at Rockwood park.


  3. How much does one account cost?


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