Shadow Banned Again

Our latest attempt to work around the shadow bans didn’t prove very effective.  Although our accounts were scanning no more than around 5 hours a day, the majority of our accounts where hit yet again today.  Not all areas have been affected by the shadow ban yet, but they will within the next 24 to 48 hours unfortunately.

This means that you will ONLY see common pokemon on the maps again.

Our focus has shifted, again, in generating/acquiring new accounts for the next round.  However, because this is turning into a costly measure on a weekly basis, we have decided to move forward with using another platform to perform our scans.  There have been conflicting reports of those that have used this platform are still getting shadow bans; however, I have not spoken to one person yet that has been affected.

With that said, we will be making a complete platform shift on the back end.  This should not affect the map you all see on a daily basis other than consistently showing all pokemon.

With the priorities changing, all new location requests have been placed on hold unfortunately.  We expect to complete this migration hopefully before the weekend.  As always, we will try to send updates as soon as we can.




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  1. How long does the shadow ban usually last


  2. Is this why the Dallas Area Maps are not showing any pokes?


  3. You may want to consult with the admin of the Austin PoGo Map ( They seem to be doing fine during all these bans. Cheers

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