Account banwave

Yesterday, there was a banwave forced upon what seems to be accounts that had previous warnings/shadow bans.  Don’t worry if your personal account was shadow banned in the past, this affected bot accounts that repeatedly were flagged.

Were any of PGAN accounts affected?
I believe so; however, not all accounts were checked.  As noted in our previous blog post, we are working hard on converting our back-end to the new platform.

Is this why our maps and alerts aren’t showing/alerting anything?
Most likely.  Again, not all accounts have been checked but we can only assume this is the reason why.

When can we expect things to be “fixed”?
There is no “fix” for the new security measures placed by Niantic but there are workarounds that we’re trying to implement as fast as we can.  We hope to have map and alert functionality restored for this weekend.  We have been a bit silent on our discord chat server because we have been 100% focused on converting the back-end.

Hang in there everyone.



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  1. Y’all are the best!!


  2. Thank you for all you do.


  3. You all rock!!


  4. Wouldn’t even be interested in this game anymore if it wasn’t for you guys.

    I’m even interested in learning coding to one help with projects like these!

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  5. Totally agree. Really appreciate you guys and I would not be playing anymore without you

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  6. Yeah love how the scanners are the only reason so many of us play since Niantic’s game design is pretty terrible, and yet, Niantic continually tries to shutdown the scanners… the only thing that makes this terrible game worth playing.



  7. Thank you! We miss you guys in Miami!


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