Scans restored and FL-Miami back online

I’d like to start off by commending the dedication of the PGAN infrastructure team for putting their heads together, communicating and physically making long trips to our colocation provider to get our main server back online.  They’ve done an amazing job and we all wouldn’t be here without this group.

With that said, all scans for areas that already been migrated are now back online and their respective maps are available.

After all of the craziness had died down last night, we were able to focus on getting FL-Miami migrated to the new scanning platform.  The entire coverage area for Miami, FL is now back online also.

We are still trying to finish software upgrades to the data center hosting the VA-NRV, MD-Baltimore, VA-NoVA and CO-FrontRange regions.  Once this is complete, we will begin conversions there also.

Thanks for all of your patience!



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  1. MD – Columbia soon, please! Thank you!


  2. Nick Bornbusch June 16, 2017 — 3:50 pm

    Why is this taking so long?? other trackers have been operating perfectly fine this time…. This service hasn’t been fully operational in months and the constant updates about “almost” being there are getting a little old. If you can’t do something properly, don’t do it.


    • You must have been living under a rock this entire time then. Why don’t you do some light reading on something called “shadow bans” and come back with some real knowledge to spit. The answer to your question are in the blog updates. By all means, feel free to use other maps. That’s less ignorance we have to deal with.

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      • Nick Bornbusch June 16, 2017 — 9:47 pm

        I would suggest you check out a tracker called almeda rare mons, almeda ultra mons or almeda unowns. They have kept their trackers running through the shadow bans so they must have something figured out on top of not getting overly defensive when criticized.


    • Dude you’re an asshole. Thanks for everything that you do Pogovaalerts.

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