Waiting for reversed api… 

I’m sure you all know by now that the new update has been dropped. It’s brought new life into the game and it’s arguably the most game changing update yet.  

This new version, 0.67.1, is what’s responsible for these major features. Because of this, it’s taking the reverse engineers from PokeFarmer and BossLand longer to analyze, reverse and test. The discussion on the dev channel seems to be positive but indicates that it could take a few more days before something is released.  We will wait for an official announcement. 

Right now our scans have been stopped in hope a reversed api is released sooner than later.  If we don’t have anything by Monday, we will look into possibly starting the scans back up.  There is high risk in getting our scanning accounts shadow banned or even permanently banned, however.  We shall see.

Fingers crossed! 



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  1. Yeah I’d say don’t risk it, all in good time…

    Any chance raids would be added to scans? Like lvl 5 raids added to alerts?

    Thanks again for all you guys do!

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  2. Thanks for the hard work!


  3. why aren’t scans back up yet??????? i cannot wait any longer! i know of other sites that work for different places so what is going on?


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