Scan Status & Raid Alerts

This last update was a rather large one, as you can imagine.  It took a few days for the pogodev team to release the reversed api’s to the dev community.  Along with the reversed api’s came new functionality surrounding the gym meta with the introduction of raids.

We have implemented the new api’s with our source code and now have all scans operational again.  IV/CP/Moveset scanning is currently disabled as we are waiting for additional feedback on how safe it is to scan for these.  We hope to enable stat scanning within the next day or two.

We have also introduced a new feature as part of what PGAN offers – raid alerts.  For those of you that have joined our Discord server (, you will notice a number of new channels.  Each region will have their dedicated raid channel that you can follow.  Raid alerts will display the boss pokemon, cp, location, level and more.  We will be displaying level 3 and up raids within each channel.



More features are coming.  We are also going to start working on the pending location requests.




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  1. FL Palm Beach is still down or not complete. Downtown Cityplace isn’t showing anything. Thanks for all you do!


  2. Bennett corbett June 28, 2017 — 11:30 am

    North Florida is not responding to the new code l, but thank you to everyone for calling out the good raids on discord


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