All Scans Restored

All area location scans have been restored and updated with the new Api. The following features are now functional:

  • Maps
  • Alerts
  • Raid Alerts
  • Some IV/CP/Moveset checks (need to replace accounts)

We are working on getting raids working on the map and a new front-end that will perform better on mobile devices.  Look out for these changes sometime next week.



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  1. So what exactly happened with the mobile interface, anyway? It was working great before, but now some spawns can’t be clicked on or show up in the wrong location. (Today I saw a Snorlax alert in Discord and it showed up at a completely different location on the PGAN map on my phone.) I guess some feature that was added with the latest updates broke something with the mobile interface?
    I also noticed my phone browser is using a lot more data than it used to. It could be me constantly refreshing to try to get the spawns to load properly, I guess. But if anything can be done on that front, it would be great. I have only 10% of my data left with 5 days left in my billing cycle, so I guess I won’t be using the maps for the next week.
    Thanks for all the hard work! I was so glad to see the scans come back up. Hope they can be fixed for mobile devices because the “get directions” feature is so incredibly useful.


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