BossLand saga continues with disappointing news

Over the past month, the entire PoGO dev world has been dealing with the issues presented by our incredible (sarcastically of course) 3rd party hashing service provider, BossLand.  It’s been quite a roller coaster with them to say the least.  They end the week on a good note stating they have found the issues, placed fixes and have extended our RPM hash keys to account for the downtime suffered.

Today at 7:39 am EDT, they announce that have “fixed” the server-side mechanism that counts the number of RPMs (requests per minute).  Keys are purchased from BossLand based on the number of RPMs you estimate.  Around the time they released their hashing services at commercial prices in January, they discovered some issues with the counter and decided to allow close four times the purchased amount.  It’s not July 9, 6 months later and they decide to drop a major bomb on the entire PoGO dev community saying they have “fixed” it all and that we are now being charged for the correct amount intended.

Supporters of BossLand’s actions claim that a lot of people that complained about this bomb-drop were actually abusing their system.  I’m one of those “complainers” and did not intentionally “abuse” their system, but refused to pay for additional resources/RPMs we weren’t going to use.  With that said, I was absolutely livid when I saw the following announcement.  There have been clues in the past of them re-enabling the proper counters but they never gave a deadline for anyone to prepare for the increased costs.

Just to give an idea of the new costs we will be facing, we have close to 60,000 workers in place.  Each worker will make a call to the hashing service at least 6 times every minute.  This comes out to be 360,000 RPMs.  The highest RPM key BossLand sells is for 10,000 RPMs at 369.95 euros, which converts to $421.91.  We would need 36 10,000 RPM keys every month to sustain where we are now.  That total amount would be $15,188.76 monthly in hash keys alone.  We currently pay for 3 2,500 RPM hash keys at $240 a month.  This is an estimated 6,328% increase in costs.  Needless to say, this calls for a big “WTF!!!”!.

We will continue to scan as much as we can. However, please know that because of this, scans will be slower and even more spottier.

They are supposedly going to go over their pricing tiers to account for the large amount of backlash.  I don’t expect much from these guys.

In the meantime, we at PGAN will be discussing how we can cut costs and increase funds coming in monthly to account for the dick-moves by BossLand.  Stay tuned…

Here’s the screen shot of their BS.

Screenshot 2017-07-09 22.35.01



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  1. I will personally find them and make them suffer.

    Just like I did to isis


    • Cry a fucking river you cheating pieces of shit.


      • Thank you for taking time out of your long and blind journey to catch pokémon out there in the vast world and make such a heated and salty reply. I’m glad we have a repeat visitor out of you. By the way, this post is rather old and a lot has changed since then. We’ve expanded to more areas and are now covering a lot more statistics for more pokémon. Who “woulda thunk” the real world is different from the pokémon world and people don’t have the time in their busy days to walk around all day to hopefully catch even a wild snorlax. Niantic didn’t. But please, I invite you to reply and give us another repeat visit.


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