PGAN Grass Event Contest 2017

PGAN Grass Event Contest 2017

Hey everyone! We are back with our 2nd PGAN contest. This contest will coincide with Pokemon GO’s 4-day grass event and will have 2 winners. Each will receive a brand new Crystal Pokeball with their choice of etched Pokemon inside!


From Amazon:

The contest is simple enough – We want to see the heaviest Bulbasaur you can catch!! We are not looking for top CP, but heaviest in weight. In the case of multiple Bulbasaur matching the same weight, the tallest height will be the tie breaker. The top 2 heaviest Bulbasaurs will win!

The Rules:

The contest will begin 2 o’clock PM ET Friday the 5th and will end 2 o’clock PM ET Friday the 12th.

  1. Two photos will be required to claim the prize. If your entry is chosen as a winner, you will need to provide 2 screenshots of the Bulbasaur you have caught. The first needs to show its weight, height, and CP and needs to be renamed PGAN 4 LIFE . The second needs to show the catch date and location info.
  2. To submit your entry, you will need to post a single photo in the #contest_lounge ( channel on the PoGO Alerts Network Discord that shows the caught Bulbasaur, renamed to (PGAN 4 LIFE), its CP, as well as the weight and height. Posts must be made within the time constraints of the contest and the caught Pokemon must show a date and time that reflects the same.
  3. Do NOT transfer your Bulbasaur!!!! Doing so will void your entry.
  4. Only Bulbasaur caught between 5/5/2017 and 5/12/2017 will be valid entries.
  5. Only Bulbasaur caught within the general reaches of the PGAN scan areas will be valid.
  6. You CAN submit an entry more than once! (Not the same Bulbasaur) If you catch a Bulbasaur that is heavier than one you’ve already submitted for the contest, delete your previous post and then create a new post for your newest submission.
  7. You may NOT submit any entries for other people.
  8. Please, no cheating, spoofing, catching Bulbasaur for others, or other assorted mischievousness.
  9. Weight and height will be disabled on the scanner during the event to ensure fairness.

Most importantly, have fun & may the spawns be with you!

If you are chosen as a winner we will need your full name, address, and other necessary information to make sure that the devices can be shipped to you in a timely manner. Also we will need a video recording with screen capturing software (your choice) to prove that you caught it and that it’s still in your Pokedex.


If you are not on our Discord chat and would like to participate in the event, fear not!! Creating an account and joining our server is just a couple of clicks away! Go to and create an account! Once you have done that follow this link to be invited to the PoGO Alerts Network Discord server. Once you are there you should be able to scroll the left side of your screen to find the #contest_lounge ( channel!

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